English Plus Episode 675 Playing Your Cards Right | Word Power

  1. 1. If one thing is ______ to another, it is similar to it in some way.
  2. 3. If someone is ______ in something that they are doing, they are convinced that what they are doing is right and they refuse to change it or to give up.
  3. 5. If one person or thing ______ with another for something, the people or things compete for it.
  4. 7. If you ______ something mysterious or difficult to understand, you succeed in understanding it.
  5. 9. If you describe someone as ______, you mean that they are not cautious or experienced and are therefore likely to be harmed or deceived.
  6. 10. If something is ______, it is recent or new, and vague or not yet properly developed.
  1. 2. If you say that something leaves an ______ impression, you mean that it is very unlikely to be forgotten.
  2. 4. To be ______d means to be changed into something great or beautiful.
  3. 6. ______ things are extremely clean or new.
  4. 8. A ______ is a factor that can change in quality, quantity, or size, which you have to take into account in a situation.