English Plus Magazine Crossword Puzzle 03

  1. 3. to become fully functional (e.g. You must set up a network name, router, and password for the WiFi to become fully ______.)
  2. 4. to cause or produce something (e.g. The declining number of available positions are ______ for the highest unemployment rate in decades.)
  3. 6. very surprising, shocking, or unusual (e.g. A sudden crash in the silent classroom was ______ for anyone around.)
  4. 7. to fill with a certain quality (e.g. Cook the rice until you thoroughly ______ it with the taste of the herbs and spices you added.)
  5. 9. suggest; indicate (e.g. Thousands of homeless old-timers in the city might ______ a larger scale problem with our national veteran services.)
  1. 1. a typically flexible small bag used for storage of equally small objects (e.g. Ricky likes to keep his marbles in a small ______ so he doesn't lose them.)
  2. 2. the act of wandering or drifting around (e.g. A ______ of the huge mall left us all with throbbing feet.)
  3. 5. a commonly used name for an individual that is usually shorter than the person's real name (e.g. Kitty is the ______ Catherine's friends use when addressing her.)
  4. 7. not proper; inappropriate (e.g. Everyone was shocked when Gail wore the ______ outfit to the church party.)
  5. 8. a heap or pile (e.g. A ______ of garbage continued to pile up outside of the smelly dumpster.)