English Plus Magazine Crossword Puzzle 07

  1. 2. to talk rapidly, indistinctly, or unintelligibly; to utter gibberish or nonsense (e.g. I get nervous when my sister begins to ______ about all the nonsense that happens in her world.)
  2. 5. the state between birth and death in which one is functioning (e.g. The police tried to convince the man on the ledge that his ______ was worth living.)
  3. 7. not capable of being reformed (e.g. Because my daughter's behavior is ______, she might be grounded for at least a year.)
  4. 9. something signifying a number (e.g. Using Roman ______ five meant that I wrote a capital V on my outline.)
  1. 1. harsh or unpleasant in sound (e.g. Without proper guidance, the band produces ______ music that no one wants to hear.)
  2. 3. good-humored banter (e.g. The humorous ______ between the coworkers made the long workday go faster.)
  3. 4. an unnecessary excess of something (e.g. 24 hours of TV coverage of the US election verged on ______.)
  4. 6. a public vote on a particular issue (e.g. The employees were asked to vote on a ______ about the company insurance plan.)
  5. 8. to make claims about yourself that other people do not believe (e.g. Although Mitch wrote a ballad to ______ his love for Cara, he knew his words would not be taken seriously.)
  6. 10. a person who helps organizations or groups to work together and provide information to each other (e.g. As the ______ between the police department and the public schools in our city, my aunt coordinates officer visits to each of the schools.)