1. 4. Grown without the use of artificial chemicals (Food Specific)
  2. 5. The release into the air of pollutant substances such as smoke or gas
  3. 8. A long period of time with little no rain
  4. 9. The process of recovering waste and making the material into useful products
  5. 12. The Earth naturally lifts and creates these summits with very high altitudes, usually with snow and in big masses
  6. 15. The process where plants make food from turning the sunlight into carbon dioxide sugars that the cell uses as energy
  7. 17. Twirling windy funnel with speeds 100 mph and far above damaging anything in it's path
  8. 18. A tropical forest that receives excessive rain with very tall trees (2 Words)
  9. 20. Type of energy that is produced by the sun's heat or light, usually used with panels
  10. 22. The diversity of animals and plants in a habitat
  11. 23. The ability for something to decay naturally and harmlessly
  1. 1. The slow warming of earth's surfaces reportedly caused by the emissions of gas that trap the heat in the atmoshpere (2 Words)
  2. 2. The amount of greenhouse gases produced to support human activities, typically measured by tons of carbon dioxide (2 Words)
  3. 3. The natural home or environment of plants, animals, and other organisms
  4. 6. When something is introduced to the environment which is dirty, harmful, unclean, or has a bad effect (Toxic waste dumped in water)
  5. 7. A community of plants, animals, and other organisms in a place that naturally provides them resources to survive
  6. 10. A species of wild animal or plant that is a serious risk of extinction (2 Words)
  7. 11. An overflowing of a large amount of water onto normally dry land
  8. 13. A structure that has multiple panel-like pieces turned by the wind to produce power, power, etc
  9. 14. The gathering of plant material or vegetable peels, or other food waste into a bin later to be dumped and decompose
  10. 16. The sudden movement of earth's surfaces, if big enough, it may cause lots of damage
  11. 19. Containing poisonous substances
  12. 21. The mass of air surrounding the Earth's outside