EP631 | Word Power - The Statue of Liberty's Roots

  1. 3. Something that is ______ is very noticeable or is an important part of something else.
  2. 7. ______ is used to describe things that are bright red in color.
  3. 10. The act of restoring or state of being restored, as to a former or original condition, place, etc. is called ______.
  1. 1. If you ______ someone to do something, you ask them to do it in a forceful, emotional way.
  2. 2. When someone ______s a work of art, they make or produce it, using an idea as a basis.
  3. 4. To ______ a building or room means to clean it and decorate it and make it more attractive or better equipped.
  4. 5. If you refer to the ______s of something, you are referring to its size, usually when this is extremely large.
  5. 6. When something ______s or when someone ______s it, it begins to happen or exist.
  6. 8. ______s is the study of the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, especially their languages, literature, and philosophy.
  7. 9. If you say that someone personifies a particular thing or quality, you mean that they seem to be a perfect example of that thing, or to have that quality to a very large degree.