Episode 632 Word Power | Fossils Trapped in Tar

  1. 1. When archaeologists or other people ______ a piece of land, they remove earth carefully from it and look for things such as pots, bones, or buildings which are buried there, in order to discover information about the past.
  2. 5. If you ______ a theory, you prove it to be in error or false.
  3. 8. If there is ______ in a place, the place is extremely crowded and blocked with traffic or people.
  4. 10. If something is ______d in a liquid, someone puts it into the liquid so that it is completely covered.
  1. 2. When a liquid ______s, it becomes very thick and sticky and almost solid.
  2. 3. If something ______es particular things, it includes them.
  3. 4. If you ______ into something, you ask questions or try to discover facts about it.
  4. 6. The ______ of something or someone is their end or death.
  5. 7. When you describe something as ______, you mean it is done with a lot of passion, belief and enthusiasm.
  6. 9. If something ______s a place or thing, it is a noticeable feature throughout it; it spreads throughout all its parts.