Episode 634 Word Power | Lincoln Begins His Second Term

  1. 3. If people or animals ______, they die as a result of very harsh conditions or as the result of an accident.
  2. 6. ______ is kindness and understanding towards other people.
  3. 7. Someone or something that is ______ is very serious rather than cheerful or humorous.
  4. 8. To ______ means to come out from an enclosed or dark space such as a room or a vehicle, or from a position where you could not be seen.
  5. 9. If a feeling or noise ______s, it becomes less strong or loud.
  1. 1. If you say that something is an ______, you think it indicates what is likely to happen in the future and whether it will be good or bad.
  2. 2. ______ is behavior that is intended to harm people or their reputations, or cause them embarrassment and upset.
  3. 4. If darkness, fog, or smoke ______s an area, it covers it so that it is difficult to see.
  4. 5. If someone looks ______, they look very thin, usually because they have been very ill or worried.
  5. 6. If you ______ a right, a privilege, or a principle, you regard it as important and try hard to keep it.