Episode 660 Vocabulary Builder | Master of the Wordless Theater

  1. 4. A ______ is someone who is running away or hiding, usually in order to avoid being caught by the police.
  2. 5. A ______ is money or property which someone leaves to you when they die.
  3. 8. A ______ is a small difference in sound, feeling, appearance, or meaning.
  4. 9. An ______ person is lively and energetic and never seems to be depressed.
  1. 1. A performer's ______ is all the plays or pieces of music that he or she has learned and can perform.
  2. 2. A ______ is a habit or characteristic that someone has which is considered rather strange, foolish, or bad but which is also considered unimportant.
  3. 3. A ______ interest or emotion is one that is very intense.
  4. 6. Someone who is ______ is quick and skillful in their thoughts, behavior, or actions.
  5. 7. To ______ an idea or quality means to be a symbol or expression of that idea or quality.
  6. 10. Something that is ______ is very plain in appearance.