Episode 755 Word Power | Stick Style

  1. 3. If something is ______ing, it creates a favorable impression.
  2. 5. Functional means relating to the way in which something works or operates, or relating to how useful it is.
  3. 7. If you say that someone is ______, you mean that they pay great attention to detail because they like everything to be very neat, accurate, and in good order.
  4. 9. If something ______s an event or action, it prevents the event or action from happening.
  1. 1. You can use ______ to describe things or people that you approve of because they are simple or unsophisticated in a way that is typical of the countryside.
  2. 2. If you say that someone has a ______ view or idea of something, you are critical of them because their view of it is unrealistic and they think that thing is better or more exciting than it really is.
  3. 4. A ______ is a new type of machine or device which is not yet ready to be made in large numbers and sold.
  4. 6. ______s are all the things you have with you when you travel or when you take part in a particular activity.
  5. 8. ______ things are useful rather than decorative.
  6. 10. If something is ______ of something else, it has features that make you think of that other thing.