Eurochild's 2023 Summer Crosswords

  1. 2. - The UN Refugee Agency (acronym)
  2. 6. – An EU initiative announces to strengthen long-term care and early childhood education and care
  3. 10. – Child Guarantee implementation strategy explaining the national policy measures to improve access of children in need to key services
  4. 15. – National Eurochild Forums, national platforms for children to discuss issues of concern (acronym).
  5. 18. – ECD stands for it
  6. 20. – the right of children to be involved and have a say in decisions that affect them
  7. 21. – The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted in 1989 (acronym)
  8. 22. – Agency promoting and protecting human rights in the EU (acronym)
  9. 23. - a system in which a minor has been placed into a group or private home of a state-certified caregiver or with a family member.
  10. 24. – Every … seconds an image of child sexual abuse is shared online (in letter)
  11. 25. - a depersonalised type of residential care for large groups of children that has negative effects on children
  12. 27. – the title of Eurochild 2022 report on children in need across Europe
  13. 28. – When something has been adapted to the needs of children
  14. 29. - A child without the presence of a parent or legal guardian.
  1. 1. - the practice of making content usable by as many people as possible
  2. 3. - Europe's largest minority group facing the highest levels of discrimination
  3. 4. – Number of days that are the most crucial for the development of children’s body, brain, metabolism, and immune system (in letter)
  4. 5. - Number of countries Eurochild members are in. (in letter)
  5. 7. - the EU framework for the coordination and surveillance of economic and social policies running from November to June.
  6. 8. – the country with the highest level of child poverty
  7. 9. – a Swedish word that means “to stand up for another.” It is a public authority charged with the protection and promotion of the rights of children in various countries
  8. 11. – An adult who has spent time in care as a child.
  9. 12. - A group of 12 children advising the Eurochild secretariat on advocacy, governance and events
  10. 13. – EU Initiative ensuring that every child in Europe has access to basic services like healthcare and education
  11. 14. – the aid, supervision, and attention given by governments, an organisation, or a person while parents are absent or at work
  12. 16. – it’s the right granted by UNCRC Article 28, which says children should have access to schools
  13. 17. - the process of reforming childcare systems and closing down orphanages and other institutions
  14. 19. - According to the UN a child is every human being below the age of… (in letter)
  15. 24. – On that day of November World Children's Day is celebrated (in letter)
  16. 26. - international organisation founded after World War II to uphold human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Europe. They have a unit focusing on children.