Fake News Red Flags

  1. 4. This social media website often shares misinformation solely in the form of a picture with embedded text.
  2. 6. Using a lot of these in writing can spin a story towards someone's opinion rather than quantitative facts.
  3. 8. Excluding this is a red flag that does not provide the reader with information on how to track the information.
  4. 9. This is used online to refer back to the source of information.
  1. 1. A type of article or story that is made up primarily of the author's thoughts and musings rather than fact. These types of articles on a legitimate news site would identify themselves as such.
  2. 2. A type of unbalanced reporting that only provides one side of the story.
  3. 3. Providing a lack of specificity as it relates to factual information.
  4. 5. A type of factual content added to news stories that provides data to support the information provided.
  5. 7. A misspelling or grammar mistake commonly found on fake news websites