Family Tree Virtually Live video crossword

  1. 2. What is the acronym for Average Life Expectancy in Vincenzo Alfano’s video?
  2. 5. What museum is at Stoke Bruerne and is mentioned by Angela Malin in her presentation on Northamptonshire ancestors?
  3. 6. What does David Ryan say that Griffith’s Valuation Records are also known as, in his presentation on planning a trip?
  4. 9. What does cM stand for, as explained in Karen Evans’ presentation?
  5. 10. After how many generations will you have 1.024 direct ancestors (providing you don’t have pedigree collapse), as mentioned in Penny Walters’ presentation on the psychology of searching?
  6. 11. As covered in Wayne Shepheard’s presentation on the Great Frost and Famine, what did the harsh living conditions lead to? Social …
  7. 12. Which Google feature does Alison Spring recommend for finding free online reading material? Google …
  8. 16. What medical condition does Wayne Shepheard say that shortage of vegetables led to, in ‘Great Frost and Famine’?
  9. 18. How many people does Penny Walters report are estimated to do genealogy? One in …?
  10. 19. Whose accounts does Gill Draper say are not as well known as they might be in ‘Weddings, work & welfare’?
  11. 20. Gill Draper says that a lack of what is a bad sign on a website, as mentioned in ‘Living the Poor Life’?
  12. 24. Which of her relation’s story did Ruth Badley want to record in her book, Open Book, as mentioned in her video on writing a compelling narrative?
  13. 26. Bryher Scudamore advises that, when writing it’s worth remembering that the colour is in the …
  14. 27. Karen Evans has a two-prong approach to keep a record of her DNA matches. She uses RootsMagic and what else?
  15. 30. Italian for marriage, as found in Vincenzo Alfano’s video?
  16. 32. The name of a ship that Simon Wills mentions in his audio presentation on the voyages of the past
  17. 33. If you are planning your first research trip to Ireland, where does David Ryan recommend you start, in his presentation on planning a trip?
  1. 1. What does Mike Sharpe say are THE key sources for the Victorian era
  2. 3. What does Amelia Bennett like following online for Archives? Their … pages
  3. 4. Which ports confederation were Rye and Hythe members’ of, as mentioned by Gill Draper in ‘Weddings, work & welfare’?
  4. 6. Alison Spring recommends Tribal Pages as it gives you the facility to create something so that you can safely share your online tree with people you specifically choose to. What does it let you create?
  5. 7. What does the ‘magnifying glass’ symbol in the FamilySearch Catalog indicate is available, as mentioned by Amelia Bennett?
  6. 8. What medieval system was surveyed and reformed in the 1830s and 1840s, as mentioned by Mike Sharpe in ‘Tracing your notable Victorians’
  7. 10. What is the name of the quarter in Belfast where the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland is located, as mentioned by David Ryan in his presentation on planning a trip?
  8. 13. What does Wayne Shepheard mention occurred in 1703, in his presentation on the ‘Little Ice Age’. The Great …
  9. 14. Who was Bryher Scudamore’s inspiration for starting Her …
  10. 15. What size families does Karen Evans say will result in ‘hot spots’ of many matches on your family tree? Large or small?
  11. 17. What does Nikki Paine say that Tuberculosis was formerly called, in her presentation ‘Your First Three Steps’?
  12. 21. What tool does Daniel Horowitz mention in his presentation on DNA – the Theory of Family … ?
  13. 22. What does Daniel Horowitz say that MyHeritage will always add when you are extracting information into your family tree. A source … ?
  14. 23. One of the Stars that Keith Gregson’s ancestor was awarded for service in the Second World War.
  15. 25. In her video, what does Ruth recommend you to do as much as possible when thinking of writing your family history book?
  16. 28. What is the name of the public transport travel card, as mentioned in David Ryan’s presentation on planning a trip?
  17. 29. What were workhouses often converted to, as mentioned by Gill Draper in ‘Living the Poor Life’?
  18. 31. What does David Ryan advise is the most important thing, when conducting an interview?
  19. 34. The record office has an almost complete set of which transcripts from around 1705, as mentioned by Angela Malin in her presentation on Northamptonshire ancestors?