Farm to Fork Crossword

  1. 1. Broilers are _____ raised for meat and they are Georgia’s number one agricultural product.
  2. 7. Agriculture is the United States largest _____.
  3. 8. The science or practice of farming, including cultivating the soil, producing crops, raising livestock and in varying degrees, the preparation and marketing of the resulting products.
  4. 9. _____ (chickens) are Georgia's top commodity.
  5. 10. Some farmers in Georgia produce timber, which are _____ grown to produce wood for building, carpentry and paper products.
  1. 2. A _____ is another word we can use to describe agricultural products like cotton, peanuts and poultry.
  2. 3. _____ are the official state crop of Georgia.
  3. 4. 87% of Georgia’s farms are _____ owned.
  4. 5. The _____ Region is one of the largest regions in Georgia and is in the northern part of the state. Agriculture in this region includes many commodities like beef, poultry, eggs, ornamental horticulture and dairy.
  5. 6. Some farmers even grow fields of trees, and we call this commodity _____.