February Highlights

  1. 2. Where did Cooper’s Point visit in February?
  2. 4. Who did the Lower School students write letters for?
  3. 6. Which classroom won the Minute Win It Games for the older students at the Upper School?
  4. 8. What was the numerical name of the day we celebrated in Upper and Lower Schools in February?
  5. 10. What was the name of the former Eagles player who visited Upper School?
  6. 12. What is the name of the Tanzanian troupe that visited Upper and Lower Schools in February?
  1. 1. Which football team does George, Archway CEO/CFO, root for?
  2. 3. AADP participants helped deliver this to seniors.
  3. 5. What event did George mention in his letter that is happening on April 24th?
  4. 7. Name of one of the young men who helped deliver flowers on Valentine’s Day.
  5. 9. What is the current Chinese New Year animal?
  6. 11. What is Lower School’s Miss Simone’s famous potluck dish?