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  1. 1. is a small and white pasta
  2. 3. and chips is a type of fast food
  3. 8. is a withe vegetables that makes you cry
  4. 9. is a green vegetables
  5. 10. is a condiments which is mainly used in fast food
  6. 11. sauce is a brown condiments that used for eat sushi
  7. 12. is a bread with cheese and ham
  8. 13. is a condiments spicy
  9. 16. is a long green vegetables
  10. 18. is a yellow or white dairy product that used for the toast
  11. 19. is a sweet foods that produces bees
  12. 20. is a green condiments it’s a spice
  13. 23. is a fruit yellow
  14. 24. dog is a Food of fast food with würstel
  15. 25. is a baked and fried foods that you eat in the morning
  16. 27. is an orange fruit that you eat in the summer
  1. 2. is a brown or with sweet foods
  2. 4. is a meat which can have different firings
  3. 5. is a vegetables red with a green leaf
  4. 6. is a sweet food to sweeten the food
  5. 7. ketchup is a red condiments which is mainly used in fast food
  6. 9. is a toast of fast food with cheese
  7. 14. is a meat that the American eat for breakfast
  8. 15. cream is a sweet food that you eat in the summer
  9. 17. is a fish orange
  10. 18. is a orange vegetables Which is good for the sight
  11. 21. is a green vegetables
  12. 22. is a condiments to salt the food
  13. 26. is a fruit yellow green or red with a seeds
  14. 27. is a white dairy products that you drink in the morning