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  1. 3. A set of instructions telling you how to cook food
  2. 6. The dry fruit of particular trees that grows in a hard shell
  3. 7. The part of a cooker with a door, used to bake or roast food
  4. 8. A liquid mixture added to food, especially salads
  5. 12. A long, curved fruit with a yellow skin
  6. 14. A large circle of flat bread baked with cheese, tomatoes, and sometimes meat and vegetables spread on top
  7. 15. Pasta made in the form of long, thin strings
  8. 18. A metal frame on which meat, fish, or vegetables are cooked outdoors over a fire
  9. 19. a small red fruit with small brown seeds on its surface
  10. 20. The fruit from which the wine is made
  11. 23. An object consisting of a round, hollow part and a handle, used for eating food
  12. 24. A plant with large, green leaves, eaten uncooked in salads
  13. 25. A sweet, which is made from cacao seeds
  14. 28. A tool, usually with a metal blade and a handle, used for cutting
  15. 29. A usually hot, liquid food made from vegetables, meat, or fish
  1. 1. A drink
  2. 2. A smooth thick liquid produced from plants or animals that is used in cooking
  3. 4. A large bird, a symbol of the Thanksgiving Day
  4. 5. A thick, soft food made from oats boiled in milk or water, eaten hot for breakfast
  5. 9. The flesh of an animal when it is used for food
  6. 10. A glass container with a wide opening at the top
  7. 11. A measure of the amount of energy that food provides
  8. 13. A small amount of food eaten before a meal
  9. 14. A large tropical fruit with a brown skin and pointed leaves on top
  10. 16. A food made from milk, that can be either firm or soft and is usually yellow or white in colour
  11. 17. A long pointed orange vegetable
  12. 21. A red sauce made from tomatoes
  13. 22. A small amount of food that is eaten between meals
  14. 26. A sweet, sticky, yellow substance made by bees
  15. 27. A hot drink made from a dark brown powder