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  1. 5. small self contained broiler, mostly used in commercial kitchens
  2. 6. remove the seeds or tough woody center
  3. 7. cook over coals
  4. 8. to soak in a flavored liquid; usual refers to fruit
  5. 10. cook in the oven surrounded by dry heat
  6. 11. to soak in a flavored liquid
  7. 13. to cut into long thin strips
  8. 14. to remove surface foam or fat from a liquid
  9. 15. to cook in oven under direct heat
  10. 16. the outer, colored part of the peel of citrus fruit
  11. 17. to cover or coat uncooked food with a flour, cornmeal etc.
  12. 19. to beat food with a whisk or mixer to incorporate air & produce volume
  13. 20. to loosen brown bits from a pan with liquid
  14. 21. to combine light ingredients such as whipped cream or eggs with a heavy mixture
  15. 22. to pour melted butter, oil, syrup or other liquid over in a fine stream
  16. 24. to soak in a liquid just under boiling
  17. 25. cook submerged in oil
  1. 1. to cut into tiny pieces, usually with knife
  2. 2. to mash food until completely smooth
  3. 3. cook gently over low heat in simmering liquid
  4. 4. to heat sugar until it liquefies and becomes syrup
  5. 5. to cook over boiling water in a covered pan
  6. 9. to thicken a liquid and concentrate its flavor by boiling
  7. 10. cook in boiling liquid which is at least 212 F
  8. 12. pasta cooked until just firm
  9. 14. to cook covered over low heat in liquid
  10. 18. to partially cook by boiling
  11. 21. a flat piece of meat, poultry or fish or to cut bones from
  12. 22. to coat lightly with a fine coating (sugar, flour, or powdery ingredient
  13. 23. to blend dough together with hands or with a mixer
  14. 24. to brown the surface of meat by quick cooking over high heat