1. 2. The number of attempts a team has to make a first down.
  2. 5. The number of forwards in football.
  3. 6. For many, football has replaced this sport as the "National Pastime".
  4. 9. There is usually only one of these on the field for the offensive team.
  5. 10. American football is a combination of soccer and this sport.
  6. 12. This player has a jersey number lower than 19.
  7. 14. When a defensive player catches a pass.
  8. 15. 160 feet is the _______ of the football field.
  9. 17. There is a lot of this type of action in a football game.
  10. 18. What a team often does if it does not make the first down on the third attempt.
  11. 19. Kicking the ball over the crossbar for an extra point.
  12. 23. Length in yards of a football field.
  1. 1. Considered the most exciting position on the field.
  2. 3. He is the father of American Football.
  3. 4. There are usually two players on the field in this position.
  4. 7. One of the reasons for football's popularity.
  5. 8. When the center sends the ball to the quarterback.
  6. 9. Number of yards a team is penalized for a delay of game.
  7. 11. Football is called the _______ sport because of the field design.
  8. 13. Number of minutes played in a football game.
  9. 16. A type of football game that does not involve tackling.
  10. 20. One of the two associations for college football players.
  11. 21. After this quarter there is halftime break in the game.
  12. 22. The number of yards needed for a first down.