1. 2. when a player fakes out the defensive player
  2. 4. a ball that has threads on them and you can throw it and kick it
  3. 5. when a player jumps over the defensive player
  4. 7. when a player turns around the defensive player
  5. 10. a player that covers the wide receivers so that they wont get open
  6. 11. a player that catches and sometimes runs the ball
  7. 14. where people who cross the line with the football in their hand receives 6 points
  8. 18. The act of receiving a kickoff from the opposition and carrying the ball up the field without being tackled or stepping out of bounds
  9. 19. when a team tries to get the ball into the endzone
  10. 21. an object that is held by all referees who indicate if there is a penalty or foul on the field
  11. 22. when either the quarterbacks goes in front of the line of scrimmage of the running back receives a handoff
  1. 1. people who try to tackle either the running back or the quarterback
  2. 3. when a player scores a touchdown and they get a chance to get another point
  3. 6. when a player jumps back or stops abruptly to fake out defensive player
  4. 8. when a team tries to stop the ball from getting into the endzone
  5. 9. the line where five offensive linemen and some defensive lineman line up on an imaginary line to either block or get through the line
  6. 12. my name I really like football
  7. 13. when a player puts the offensive player down to the floor
  8. 15. when the defensive player tackles the quarterback behind the line of scrimmage
  9. 16. when a player catches a ball in front of the line of scrimmage
  10. 17. the people who block for the quarterback or running back
  11. 20. the person who throws the ball to the receivers or runs