1. 2. The worst variant of a pump shotgun but has now been vaulted
  2. 4. Likes to make fun of Preston's wins
  3. 7. An omega try hard that is to good at P.C.
  4. 8. The best variant of the tac shotgun but has now been vaulted
  5. 9. A streamer that is known for his tattoos and is very funny
  6. 12. A bad player when playing against friends but when facing other players he is good
  7. 13. A streamer that loves to report people for stream sniping
  1. 1. A streamer that loves to impulse ninja off mountains
  2. 2. The Gold Variant of an assault rifle
  3. 3. A player that is super bad and can't build
  4. 5. a place where only try hard players drop
  5. 6. Way to op so epic vaulted it and it but everyone wants it back (hint: it has a clip of 50 bullets)
  6. 9. Jenner
  7. 10. A streamer that is way to good and is a default skin
  8. 11. A downy that cant play fortnite