Fortnite Fight & Dancing Lab

  1. 3. images that loop over and over again for a short period of time (see paragraph 4)
  2. 4. rapper 2 Milly is from this city in New York
  3. 5. 2 Milly's real name
  4. 8. the dance Fortnite copied for their game
  5. 10. Fortnite is free to [fill in the blank]
  6. 11. the name of the dance in Fortnite according to the article
  7. 13. the name of the intellectual property owner in the selection
  8. 14. this singer is married to Jay-Z (See paragraph 2).
  1. 1. instead of calling someone, we do this on our phones
  2. 2. the name of the second lawyer in the article
  3. 6. the process of directing and arranging moves such as a dance
  4. 7. The “Fortnite” case raises wider, existential issues about our [fill in the blank]
  5. 9. the name of the victory dances in fortnite
  6. 11. this is the name of the outfits purchased in fortnite
  7. 12. the name of the company that made Fortnite