Frederick Douglas

  1. 1. A high-ranking federal law enforcement officer
  2. 3. The act of freeing someone from slavery or oppression
  3. 5. A public or official announcement on an important matter
  4. 8. A high-ranking diplomat representing a government
  5. 11. A person who supports the end of a system, practice, or institution, typically slavery
  6. 13. A Caribbean country located on the island of Hispaniola
  7. 14. Something handed down by a predecessor, such as a lasting impact or memory
  8. 15. Legal documents concerning the ownership of property or rights
  1. 2. A change or addition to a legal or statutory document
  2. 4. The process of rebuilding or reorganizing something, such as a country after a war
  3. 6. A skilled public speaker
  4. 7. A book written by a person about their own life
  5. 9. The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities
  6. 10. Showing empathy and concern for the suffering or problems of others
  7. 12. The right to vote in political elections