Fun and Facts about Wax

  1. 1. Wax will do this at 143 - 151 F
  2. 5. To get a ribbon at a honey contest, wax candles must have a bottom that is ____
  3. 8. another substance used to make candles but this is very smoky
  4. 9. Long skinny candles poured into molds are called
  5. 11. The best place to store your unused wax is in this appliance
  6. 12. Candles made by lowering the wick into melted wax are called _______
  7. 13. To get a ribbon for a wax block, one must do this with silk
  8. 15. These are white when covering honey and brown when covering brood.
  9. 16. Beeswax candles burning in a bathroom help remove offensive _____ from the air
  10. 18. If wax is melted in water, it does this
  11. 20. All wax must go through this before being used for candles, lip balm, lotion, etc.
  12. 22. one of these in wax supports 22 pounds of honey
  13. 23. The bees make wax by exuding it from plates located where on their body?
  1. 2. Quilters and leather workers use beeswax to make this go smoothly through the material with which they work
  2. 3. This stored in wax is used by the bees to make bee bread for young larvae
  3. 4. worker, drone and queen larvae are all types of bee ____ who emerge from honey comb capped cells
  4. 5. Term to define bees hanging from each other as they pass wax up to make honey comb
  5. 6. Wax was used to pay these types of fees in medieval England
  6. 7. The Catholic Church used to require that these on their altars be made purely of beeswax
  7. 10. one of these still operates in England to regulate the standards for producing wax candles
  8. 14. Honey is left ________ until it is at least down to 18.6% moisture
  9. 15. Where the wick should be located in a prize winning candle
  10. 17. When wax goes from liquid to solid it does this which helps get it out of molds
  11. 19. Wax can be made into this kind of bar and used to soften your hands
  12. 21. Wax is often melted in this type of wax melter outdoors on someone's driveway