Fun with NAMs - winter holidays

  1. 3. the process by which agents cause changes in chromosomes and genes.
  2. 4. subject of "Animal Liberation"
  3. 7. the capacity to experience feelings and sensations
  4. 9. the sequence of events that leads from the exposure to a chemical to a final negative effect on a biological system
  5. 10. the scientific study of the set of metabolites present within an organism, cell, or tissue.
  6. 11. a little can get you younger, a lot can get you dead
  1. 1. 1st women to obtain a doctorate in science in Europe
  2. 2. aims to help reduce the uncertainties in cell and tissue-based in vitro method derived chemical safety predictions.
  3. 5. published in 1975 "Animal Liberation"
  4. 6. when exposure to one toxic agent causes a decrease in the effect produced by another toxic agent.
  5. 8. the ability of a test method or of a procedure to be accurately and reliably performed in different, competent laboratories