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  1. 4. The testing phase that is completed in advance of System Testing, with suitable high priority test cases to ensure the acceptability/stability of the solution (5 letters).
  2. 5. The testing phase to confirm that each individual item within the development/configuration inventory list of a solution/system and to ensure that the functionality operates as it should (4 letters).
  3. 6. The acronym of the testing phase that allows the business to assess its readiness, people – documents and key transactions in order to carry out normal operations following the Go Live of systems being delivered by the Future Trading Project (3 letters).
  4. 10. The run through of the cutover / go-live plan prior to the actual go-live to ensure the plan captures all activities, duration, sequencing and owners correctly (14 letters).
  5. 12. The acronym for Global Back Office (3 letters).
  6. 13. The acronym for the Market Analytics Tool (3 letters).
  7. 15. The acronym for the Finance Reporting Tool (9 letters).
  8. 16. The testing phase that confirms appropriate security access settings have been set up for each type of business user, ensuring they have access to the functionality required to support their role (8 letters).
  9. 19. The acronym for End User Training (3 letters).
  1. 1. All-Ireland Single Wholesale Electricity Market (3 letters).
  2. 2. The testing phase that determines if any defects have been introduced to the system as a result of a new code, a defect fix or a Change Request (10 letters).
  3. 3. The Energy Trading and Risk Management System (5 letters).
  4. 4. The acronym of the testing phase that assesses the functionality within each of the FTP systems and of each of the interfaces, to prove that functionality has been implemented correctly as per requirements and functional specifications (3 letters).
  5. 7. The testing phase to verify that the production system can support post go-live user numbers and transaction volumes (11 letters).
  6. 8. The acronym for the key personnel in the Business Readiness process (4 letters).
  7. 9. The Marketmap Energy System (4 letters).
  8. 11. The acronym for the Fuel Analytics Tool (3 letters).
  9. 14. The acronym of the testing phase that confirms business processes work as designed across FTP ETRM and Business Solutions Systems, in an end-to-end manner (3 letters).
  10. 17. The acronym of the testing phase performed by the end users of the system (ESB Trading and Electric Ireland), where the business validate FTP systems that meets their agreed requirements (3 letters).
  11. 18. The acronym for the Wholesale Market Modelling capability that delivers integrated All Island modelling of SEM, GB and interconnection (3 letters).