1. 3. an Indiana Jones like board game where you go around the board
  2. 5. a board game where you spell out words using tiles
  3. 7. played on a chess board, jump over your opponents to eliminate their piece
  4. 11. also called blackjack in Vegas
  5. 13. a game where you pair off until one queen is left
  6. 15. a murder mystery board game
  7. 17. a capitalist game where you can buy mayfair and park lane
  8. 18. a game where you operate by removing butterflies, bread and even an apple!
  9. 19. a game where each player pulls sticks out of a tower to gain the least amount of marbles possible
  10. 20. an elimination card game that we play
  11. 21. a card game where you take turns, starting with the 7 of clubs
  1. 1. a game where you guess the opponents character by knocking off their characters on your board
  2. 2. a card game of elimination, named by Spanish word for one
  3. 4. a game where you take turns to get four in a row
  4. 6. a board game where everyone gets their pieces around the board by pressing a die rolling button
  5. 8. a strategy game with the aim to checkmate your opponent
  6. 9. also known as '3 of one 4 of the other'
  7. 10. a game that simulates life including career, college and retirement
  8. 12. a card game featuring hands of 3
  9. 14. a game where you lay tiles to match, or to knock over
  10. 16. a tower of blocks that you take away to not knock over the tower