1. 2. a living thing that usually has it stems, leaves and roots, and grows in the grown.(noun)
  2. 5. he usually small part of a plant that grows into a new plant.(noun)
  3. 6. someone who looks after a garden.(noun).
  4. 9. put soil around a plant in order to protect it or to help it to grow.(phrasal verb)
  5. 10. to plant seeds in lines.(verb)
  6. 11. to move a plant into a larger container because it has grown bigger. (phrasal verb)
  7. 14. container filled with water in order to water plants. (noun)
  8. 16. comes from living things.(adjective)
  9. 18. full or suggestive of life or vital energy.(adjective)
  1. 1. to pour water on plants.(verb)
  2. 3. having a pleasing scent.(adjective)
  3. 4. to plant young plants outdoors.(phrasal verb)
  4. 6. the activity of planning and looking after a garden.(noun)
  5. 7. to add a natural or chemical substance to soil in order to help plants grow.(verb)
  6. 8. grown in someone’s garden, not on a large farm.(adjective)
  7. 12. to pull a plant out of the ground, including its roots.(phrasal verb)
  8. 13. to plant seeds in the grown.(verb)
  9. 15. having intense colour or richly varied colours(adjective)
  10. 17. to remove weeds from the grown.(verb)