Gaur: Glory, Ruin, Rediscovery

  1. 4. A disease that ravaged the medieval capital of Bengal.
  2. 8. The local name of the Sona Masjid.
  3. 10. Another name for the Painted Mosque built by Sultan Yusuf Shah in 1475.
  4. 11. A victory tower, estimated to be built in the late 15th century by Saifuddin Firuz Shah.
  1. 1. A mosque, said to have cost 1 lakh rupees to build. It is notable for the Hindu carvings that cover the doors and lintels.
  2. 2. The wall that circled the royal residence, stretching 700 yards from north to south, was _________ gaz (yards) tall.
  3. 3. The previous location of the stone representation of the footprint of the Prophet Mohammed that was housed in the Qadam Rasul Mosque.
  4. 5. The place where the Chief of Police was stationed, at the south wall of the city of Gaur.
  5. 6. The ______ ____ is also known as the Salami Darwaza, likely because salutes were fired from adjacent ramparts.
  6. 7. The east gate of the city was notable, according to John Henry Ravenshaw, due to its more ______ architectural style.
  7. 9. Meaning "weavers' quarters", this is also the name of a mosque erected in 1480. It served as a place of worship for Gaur's weavers.