GB Easter

  1. 2. Which animal is used in Australia instead of a rabbit
  2. 3. What's the Friday Public holiday before Easter known as
  3. 7. These treasures are found when on your Easter hunt
  4. 9. Easter celebrates the _____ of Jesus Christ
  5. 10. What's furry with long floppy ears and has a little nose
  6. 12. Egg rolling is 1 traditional Easter game. What's the 2nd
  7. 14. Easter Island belongs to which South American country
  8. 15. A type of hat worn by ladies at an Easter parade
  9. 16. The Afrikaans name or word for Easter
  10. 18. Official flower of Easter,also referred as Easter lily
  1. 1. If Easter is 2nd biggest candy eating holiday,what's 1st
  2. 4. What shape should the glazed icing be,on a hot cross bun
  3. 5. Easter Baskets represent them,keeping eggs safe (2words)
  4. 6. Traditionally for Xmas,Brits enjoy this cake over Easter
  5. 8. Country where the idea of the Easter Bunny originated
  6. 11. What colors are associated with Easter, purple is one
  7. 13. Delicious treat often given at Easter but eaten any time
  8. 17. Are Easter eggs always real eggs (True or False)