Gender and Masculinity

  1. 2. "Man ___!" A common refrain heard by men in the face of adversity. Also the title of everyone’s favourite Pixar movie.
  2. 5. I spent so many years saying my grades were a 'social construct' that now my parents won't believe me when I explain why _______ is as well.
  3. 7. A poor understanding of masculinity (or Mexican food) leads one to want to be (or eat) this.
  4. 8. The common desire of gender-based programming and investors on Shark Tank.
  1. 1. Fascinating when used in computation, restrictive when used to understand gender.
  2. 3. I recently made up a superhero called Captain Feminism. Her arch enemy of course would be Dr. ___, who subjugates women for the benefit of men.
  3. 4. Rhymes with “forms”; and just like them, these can be painstakingly hard to change.
  4. 6. My favourite Britney spears song, but my least favourite type of masculinity.