1. 2. the _____ side of the triangle shares a common vertex with X
  2. 7. a proposition ,whose truth can easily be deducted from a preceding theorem is called ____
  3. 8. if the angle which measure between 180 and 360 degree is____
  4. 10. parallelogram on the same base and between the same parallels are _________
  5. 11. an ______of a triangle corresponding to any side is the length of perpendicular drawn from the opposite vertex to that side
  6. 14. _______ is a quadrilateral in which both the pair of opposite side are parallel
  7. 15. the part of the circumference which is greater than the semi-circle is___________________
  8. 17. let a,b,c be three number and c be largest ,if c^2=a^2+b^2 the number a,b,and c are called ________
  9. 18. a line meets the circle only at one point is called as _______
  10. 19. a quadrilateral with one pair of parallel sides
  11. 20. the formula of 1/2Bh is used to determines triangle _____
  1. 1. a straight line that intersects two or more co planar line is called as..
  2. 3. the self evident truth which are accepted without any proof are called as _______
  3. 4. the largest side of a right angle triangle is called as _________
  4. 5. if any two sides of a triangle are equal ,the triangle is said to be _________
  5. 6. if each angle of a polygon is less than 180 is called as_______
  6. 9. in a right angled triangle the square of the length of the hypothenuse is equal to the sum of the square of the length of the remaining two sides
  7. 12. two adjacent angles are 90 degree each,they form a _______
  8. 13. whose one end is fixed and the other end can be extended
  9. 16. in a circle ,the angle subtended by an arc at the center of the circle is called as__________