Gloria's Saint Crossword

  1. 1. God blessed Saint Padre Pio’s life with many ________.
  2. 4. Saint Lucy lived during a time when the leaders of her land,_____, did not want anyone to be Chritian.
  3. 5. People started calling me Mother Teresa after I founded theMissionaries of______.
  4. 7. When Saint Gemma was on earth she could see of_____ Jesus and Mary.
  1. 1. Saint Gabriel the Archangel delivered_______ to God’s people in the Old and New Testament.
  2. 2. Saint Joan of Arc ______a very special gift from God, she could hear the saints talking to her while she was still on earth!
  3. 3. Many people did not believe the children’s stories about Our Lady of Fatima , so she granted a miracle and made the ___ dance in the sky.
  4. 6. When Mother Mary ___a young girl, God sent an angel named Gabriel to her and asked her to be the Mother of God.