"GOOD JOB" by Alicia Keys

  1. 2. To be aware of a sound through your ears.
  2. 5. A long, hard surface built for vehicles to drive on.
  3. 7. The part of a vehicle that uses oil, electricity, or steam to make it move.
  4. 8. People who teach, especially in a school or similar institution.
  5. 11. The front part of the head where the eyes, nose, and mouth are.
  6. 13. The first half of the day, from the time when the sun rises until the middle of the day.
  7. 14. The earth and all the people, places, and things on it.
  1. 1. A very brave person that a lot of people admire.
  2. 3. The brightness that shines from the sun, from fire, or from an object, allowing you to see things.
  3. 4. The two flat parts on the ends of your legs that you stand on.
  4. 6. The part of a building or room that you open or close to get inside it or out of it.
  5. 9. The ability to be very active without becoming tired.
  6. 10. The organ inside your chest that sends blood around your body.
  7. 12. People who you know well and like, but who are not related to you.