GSW Ceremonial Magick Dept Crossword

  1. 3. language used in many rituals and ceremonies of a Qabbalistic nature
  2. 5. a repetitive and proscribed sequence of acts
  3. 6. last name of the author of the foundational text "Three Books of Occult Philosophy."
  4. 9. a magickal act to dedicate a person, place, or thing to a dedicated purpose
  5. 10. the most famous of the five books comprising the grimoire "The Lesser Key of Solomon."
  1. 1. "The Tree of - " is a diagram showing the arrangement of the 10 sephiroth and 22 paths of the Qabbalah
  2. 2. a system of mystical and magickal thought that has its origins in Jewish mysticism and which forms the foundation of several systems of ceremonial magick
  3. 4. Color associated with the planet Jupiter in Qabbalah
  4. 7. Geometric shape associated with the sephiroth Geburah in Qabbalah
  5. 8. a magickal act to remove unwanted influences from a person, place, or thing