1. 5. "What is another word for a ghost?"
  2. 7. "What vegetables were originally used to make jack-o-lanterns?"
  3. 8. "Which Shakespeare play has witchcraft at the heart of the story?"
  4. 10. "Anthem Rig - is an anagram of what word (clue:you might wake up in cold sweats)"
  5. 12. "What Halloween film features the Sanderson sisters?"
  6. 13. "What is the highest-grossing horror film of all time?"
  7. 17. "What is the day after Halloween called?"
  8. 18. "What do you call a group of witches?"
  1. 1. "On Halloween, if a black cat crosses your path, what will you receive?"
  2. 2. "What would you find at the center of a barmbrack, a traditional Halloween cake filled with raisin?"
  3. 3. "what do you bob for at Halloween parties?"
  4. 4. "known to be a place of witchcraft"
  5. 6. "In the film The Witches, what does Eva's magic potion turn children into?"
  6. 8. "Which country celebrates The Day of the Dead instead of Halloween?"
  7. 9. "What does the old English word “Hallow” mean?"
  8. 11. "Which famous magician died on Halloween?"
  9. 14. "What animals are traditionally associated with witches?"
  10. 15. "What colour is most often associated with Halloween?"
  11. 16. "Who wrote the novel Frankenstein?"