Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire

  1. 4. What Dobby gave to Harry Potter for Christmas
  2. 5. What every Death Eater has burnt into his left arm by Voldemort
  3. 7. Rita Skeeter's illegal animagus form
  4. 13. The reverse spell effect that occurred when Harry Potter and Voldermort's wands dueled in the graveyard
  5. 14. Owner of the wand used to cast the Dark Mark in the forest after the Quidditch World Cup
  6. 16. Dragon that Harry Potter had to get by in the first task
  7. 17. Barty Crouch's house elf
  8. 18. Spell Dumbledore placed around the Triwizard Cup to stop underage students from entering the competition
  9. 19. Triwizard Champion that is part Veela
  1. 1. What Wormtail took from Harry Potter at the graveyard
  2. 2. The Triwizard Cup was transformed into what kind of magical artifact
  3. 3. What Hermione had fixed after being hit with the Densaugeo hex by Draco Malfoy
  4. 6. curse used to kill Cedric Diggory
  5. 7. Ministry of Magic employee missing in Albania since the summer
  6. 8. Curse the Harry Potter was able to fight off
  7. 9. Viktor Krum Played this position on the Bulgarian Quidditch Team
  8. 10. Mad Eye Moody's job with the Ministry of Magic before he retired
  9. 11. Team who won the Quidditch World Cup
  10. 12. Plant used by Harry Potter in the 2nd task to breathe under water
  11. 15. POTION, The drink in Professor Moody's flask