Harvesting Honey from your Bees

  1. 2. cappings on honey that sit against the honey
  2. 3. sometimes people use this kind of knife to remove the cappings from the honey
  3. 4. this is used to get particles out of the harvested honey
  4. 8. what should be on the lid of your honey container, in the honey judge's opinion
  5. 9. most honey will do this after a long time in a bottle
  6. 10. what you do to the wax in an easy way to harvest honey involving pounding the honey comb
  7. 11. honey with liquid surrounding a comb in the middle of the jar
  8. 14. this flings the honey around to use centrifugal force to get it out of the honey comb
  9. 16. in this type of extractor the top bar of the frame faces outward
  10. 17. Honey should only be harvested that is below 18.6 percent of this
  11. 18. a four inch square of honeycomb usually sold in a plastic box
  12. 19. a type of honey that will stay liquid forever
  1. 1. used to detect water percentage in honey
  2. 3. every beekeeper thinks that his/her own _____ tastes the best
  3. 5. in this type of extractor the comb faces outward
  4. 6. teachers joke that this kind of bug can be in a black jar and the honey will still win the black jar contest
  5. 7. the most delicious vehicle for good honey - especially when hot and buttered
  6. 11. the most important aspect of any jar into which you pour honey - it must be _____
  7. 12. these are glass or plastic containers for the honey
  8. 13. a honey judge must not detect one of these on the surface of a glass jar (wear gloves when bottling)
  9. 15. cappings on honey that are white and beautiful