Health and Wellness Jillene

  1. 3. dimension of health that describes how a person observes and interprets information to make decisions,solve problems and examine situations
  2. 5. state of being with out regular,consistent housing.
  3. 7. dimension of health that refers to how well the body functions
  4. 13. aspects of peoples lives that increase the chances they will develop a disease or disorder or experience an injury or decline in health
  5. 14. Dna segments that contain the blueprint for the sculpture and function of a person's cells; affect development,personality, and health.
  6. 17. choices and behaviors that affect a persons chance of developing a disease, unhealthy, condition or injury.
  7. 21. state of complete physical,mental and emotional, and social well-being.
  8. 22. circumstances,objects or conditions that surround a person's everyday life.
  9. 23. presence of waste in the environment
  10. 25. advertisements.
  1. 1. persons ability to function positively and overall satisfaction that life's present conditions are good.
  2. 2. process of identifying one state of health and taking steps to improve it.
  3. 4. aspects of peoples lives that reduce risk and increase the likelihood of optimal health
  4. 6. dimension of health that refers to the expression of thoughts and feelings, including emotions,moods,feelings about ones self and views about the world.
  5. 8. chemical that carries genetic information; found in chromosomes.
  6. 9. dimension of health that refers to how well a person gets along with others.
  7. 10. poor overall state of health within a person cannot function normally; caused by factors such as disease,risky behaviors, hazardous substances, and concerns with mental health.
  8. 11. health conditions that develop due to a person's genes;do not require the presence of other risk factors.
  9. 12. in-person and online communication channels, such as books, TV shows, movies,social media
  10. 15. actual number of years a person lives.
  11. 16. land and features and any bodies of water present in an area.
  12. 18. length of time expected to live.
  13. 19. beliefs, values, customs and arts of a particular group or society.
  14. 20. OF LIFE extent to which a person experiences a healthy,happy, and fulfilling life.
  15. 24. state of excellent health and wellness, including physical, mental and wellness,including physical,mental and emotional health, and social health.