Health and Wellness Skills

  1. 5. a science-based approach to protecting and improving the health of populations as a whole
  2. 6. regulates and ensures the safety of food, health products, and medications
  3. 9. health of human populations around the world
  4. 15. endpoint that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely
  5. 16. process of advocating for the health of families and communities by sharing health information
  6. 18. process of working with others to make a decision
  7. 20. support
  8. 22. medical care that treats life-threatening health conditions
  9. 23. body of knowledge based on observation and experimentation; answers questions about the natural world
  10. 24. is illegal activity related to health products and services
  11. 25. medical care that seeks to prevent health conditions from developing; includes annual physical or wellness exams, checkups, vaccinations, and screenings
  12. 26. process steps for making a healthy decision
  13. 27. healthcare professionals who have additional training in treating certain types of diseases and disorder
  14. 28. people under the age of 18
  1. 1. the act of indicating you allow your organs to be donated and transplanted into another person
  2. 2. a specific endpoint that signifies a condition you hope to reach
  3. 3. healthcare facilities that patients visit for treatment and then leave
  4. 4. aspect of community and world health concerned with populations exposed to harmful environmental and societal factors through no fault of their own
  5. 5. refers to theories and health claims that are described as science-based when they are not
  6. 7. the overall health of a community, which is a group of people who live in the same area and interact with one another
  7. 8. doctor, provides primary care, including routine checkups, screenings, treatments, prescriptions, and preventive health services.
  8. 10. someone who purchases goods and services
  9. 11. an area without nearby full-service grocery stores, organizations and programs that help the environment and people within a community
  10. 12. qualities or priorities one considers important
  11. 13. courses of action that are different from the actions you are taking now
  12. 14. the ability to locate, evaluate, apply, and communicate information pertaining to your health—is an important skill for promoting health and wellness
  13. 17. organizations and programs that help the environment and people within a community
  14. 18. actions that promote the environment and health of a community
  15. 19. patients reside in the facility while they receive comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, surgery, therapy, and rehabilitation
  16. 21. medical care that seeks to prevent and treat health conditions