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  1. 3. when your hands are very dry from washing , try a dab of this
  2. 6. the burgundy cot and white blanket help to keep you cozy when you take a short
  3. 7. the first room that you walk into before seeing the nurse
  4. 11. if walking up the stairs just won't be possible, you will need this paper
  5. 12. the imaginary animal on the white blanket surrounded by rainbows
  6. 13. our Calhoun alum takes care of all the office details and sits on the left side
  7. 15. you might ask for one if you have a small cut or a scrape
  8. 16. if you need an elevator pass, you will likely need to sit out
  1. 1. if your stomach hurts you may try some of these with a cup of water
  2. 2. a sling is what you will need if you have one of these
  3. 4. a must when you need to blow your nose
  4. 5. oh no...you may be running a bit late to class...ask for this to show the teacher
  5. 8. not all students need medical care. Some just want to use the nurse's ....
  6. 9. the name of the Calhoun nurse
  7. 10. Sounds like her name would begin with a H, but that is not so. She sits on the right
  8. 14. to hold on a bump or bruise, open the freezer and take one of these