Health revision activity

  1. 2. exercise can reduce...
  2. 3. how many minutes should you exercise for if you have good aerobic fitness
  3. 6. what is a good source of thiamin vitamin b1
  4. 8. what is lost through sweating
  5. 11. when eating healthy and doing regular exercise, what are you balancing?
  6. 13. what is the measurement for aerobic fitness
  7. 15. what does vitamin E do?
  8. 16. after calculating the amount of oxygen a person uses in a minute doing hard exercise, what units do you divide it by?
  9. 17. what is one barrier to participating in regular exercise?
  10. 19. what muscular fitness is the ability to continue to exert power over an extended period without excessive fatigue
  1. 1. being dehydrated from exercising can increase...
  2. 4. folic acid is important for...
  3. 5. as we get older our body becomes...
  4. 7. how can you reduce the risk of having a stroke?
  5. 9. what can cooling down after exercising prevent?
  6. 10. what exercise is an example of maximum strength
  7. 12. what disease can exercise reduces the risk of?
  8. 14. a main source of calcium
  9. 18. a main source of iron
  10. 20. stress can be controlled through exercise to control...
  11. 21. what illness can a person get from iron deficiency