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  1. 3. Travelling slowly on a boat
  2. 4. Enjoying looking at nice places
  3. 5. A game played with two teams and a ball hit over a net with hands
  4. 7. A place next to the sea with sand
  5. 9. A place to stay on holiday with a room and nice food
  6. 10. Catching something from a river
  7. 14. High things made of stone where it's pleasant to walk
  8. 15. pool A place to swim
  9. 17. A sport with a ball which is kicked
  10. 18. A game for two people, played with rackets and a ball
  1. 1. What you do when you stay in a tent
  2. 2. hostel A place to stay on holiday, but you share the room with other people
  3. 4. Breathing through a tube under water
  4. 6. park A place to travel on run rides - Rollercoaster for example
  5. 8. An activity on a bike
  6. 11. Something to do in snow
  7. 12. A place where you stay in a tent with others tents
  8. 13. Having fun on waves
  9. 16. park A place with fun rides in the water