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  1. 1. An actor/actress may wear a ________ to play a non-human being in a movie.
  2. 4. All the music in a movie is part of its _________.
  3. 5. This is a famous and symbolic thing that celebrities walk on for publicity and honor.
  4. 6. This is the written dialogue for actors/actresses and instructions for filming a movie.
  5. 12. This is another word for amazing, awesome, and exciting.
  6. 14. This person decides the artistic style of a movie and guides everyone toward a single vision.
  7. 15. When original music is composed specifically for a movie, it is called the ______.
  8. 17. This is the instruction of movements for things like dancing and fighting in movies.
  9. 19. A famous person can also be called a _________.
  10. 20. When you see a movie before it’s officially released, it may be called a __________.
  11. 23. This is the role of an actor or actress in a fictional story or movie.
  12. 26. These are computer graphics, props, transformational makeup, and illusions in movies.
  13. 28. When a movie has a crazy, unexpected plot twist, you could say it’s “__________!”
  14. 29. We are part of this group when we see a movie in a theater.
  15. 30. This is a short preview of a movie that attracts people to see it in theaters.
  16. 31. A movie that leaves you with a relaxed, happy feeling after it’s over is _________.
  1. 2. A movie that keeps you “on the edge of your seat” is __________.
  2. 3. This is the team of actors and actresses who appear in a movie.
  3. 7. This person is responsible for planning a movie’s production team, actors, and budget.
  4. 8. This is the full collection of clothing used by an actor or actress in the filming of a movie.
  5. 9. Actors and actresses give us a _________ in a movie.
  6. 10. In movies, this is a sequence of actions in a continuous moment.
  7. 11. These people publicly give their opinions on movies through blogs, newspapers, and websites.
  8. 13. Some people give public ratings and opinions about movies called _______.
  9. 16. This word is often used to describe something that is surprisingly amazing or beautiful.
  10. 18. This word describes a movie that is greatly successful in the theaters.
  11. 21. This is a formal event that is used to honor people for their great achievements.
  12. 22. This is a word that can be used for a group of people who have special skills or abilities.
  13. 24. When actors practice for their role before filming begins, it’s called ________.
  14. 25. This is a word used for a first public appearance.
  15. 27. This word is used to describe something legendary and awesome.
  16. 29. These are earned by people who act and help make movies.