How Bees Play a Crucial Role in Our Ecosystem

  1. 4. Full of energy, vitality, and color
  2. 7. The state of existing or living together harmoniously
  3. 10. Hardworking, diligent, and productive
  4. 11. The rapid increase or spread of something, often in a large number or quantity
  5. 12. Difficulties or obstacles that require effort to overcome
  6. 15. Not able to be replaced or substituted with something else
  7. 17. Organisms that transfer pollen from the male to the female parts of a plant, facilitating fertilization and reproduction
  8. 18. Accidentally or unintentionally
  9. 19. The state of having reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food
  10. 20. Not fully recognized or considered; ignored or underestimated
  1. 1. Creators or designers of a particular system or structure
  2. 2. Nourishment, sustenance, or means of livelihood
  3. 3. Flowers, especially on a tree or other plant
  4. 5. The act of protecting, preserving, and managing the environment, wildlife, and natural resources
  5. 6. The transfer of pollen from one flower to another flower of a different individual of the same species
  6. 8. Fragile, easily damaged, or sensitive
  7. 9. Consequences or outcomes, often as a result of an action or event
  8. 13. The natural environment or home of a plant, animal, or other organism
  9. 14. Providing nourishment and essential substances for growth, health, and well-being
  10. 16. The process of producing offspring or creating new individuals of a species