1. 1. to make a very small hole in something with a sharp point
  2. 3. not important or serious; not worth considering
  3. 9. decaying because the blood supply to it has been stopped because of an illness or injury
  4. 10. next to or near something (of an area, a building, a room, etc.)
  5. 16. any infectious disease that kills a lot of people
  6. 17. to be too generous in allowing somebody to have or do whatever they like
  7. 18. an illness that is not very serious
  8. 19. a set of strips of leather, etc. for fastening something to a person’s body or to keep them from moving off or falling
  9. 21. a stupid, unpleasant or awkward person, especially a man
  10. 22. a building in which dead bodies are kept before they are buried or cremated
  11. 23. to talk with too much pride about something that you have or can do
  1. 2. a person who claims to have knowledge or skills that they do not really have
  2. 4. a sudden short feeling of pain
  3. 5. very bad; unpleasant (of an experience or a situation)
  4. 6. to persuade somebody to do something by talking to them in a kind and gentle way
  5. 7. to go for and then bring back (someone or something) for someone (verb)
  6. 8. to make something last longer
  7. 11. to walk somewhere slowly when you are tired and unwilling
  8. 12. lasting or taking too long and not interesting
  9. 13. to change in the way it develops (of a conversation or way of behaving or thinking)
  10. 14. to receive money, property, etc. from somebody when they die
  11. 15. a large, shapeless mass of something, especially soft food
  12. 16. to decay and smell very bad
  13. 20. being planned; happening