Installing a Nuc or a Package of Bees

  1. 3. When some bees still remain in the package or box after installation simply set the container in ______ of the hive
  2. 5. The corn syrup is contained in this in a package
  3. 6. The place in the hive box where you place the five frames from the nuc
  4. 8. Instrument used to pry frames up in nuc box (two words written without a space)
  5. 11. Used to mist a package of bees with to calm them before installation
  6. 13. The comb in a nuc should contain some of this as food for the bees
  7. 14. A one to one mixture that you feed newly installed bees (two words written as one)
  8. 15. The home of the queen in a package
  9. 16. The shape of a good brood pattern in a nuc looks like this
  1. 1. When you move the frames from the nuc to the hive box, they should be in the same ______ as they were in the nuc box
  2. 2. A package should weigh either three or five of these
  3. 4. Seeing brood in this state lets you know that more bees will be emerging to add to the population
  4. 6. How you want the bees and yourself to feel during installation
  5. 7. In a package, the queen is not this to the bees in the package. In a nuc, she is the _______ to the bees in the nuc.
  6. 9. One way of pouring the package into the hive
  7. 10. What nuc is short for
  8. 12. What you have to do to get the top off of the package container
  9. 13. What are poked in the bottom of the food container that comes with the package
  10. 14. This device used in every hive inspection is NOT used during hive installation of either a nuc or package