Italian Wine

  1. 4. Piedmont’s most famous Nebbiolo wines that aren’t Barolo
  2. 7. Italy's most famous traditional-method sparkling wine
  3. 8. This exclamatory DOC is described in The World Atlas Of Wine as 'the dullest white wine with the strangest name in the world'. Remove punctuation (3,3,3)
  4. 10. Swap the gin for Prosecco in a Negroni and you get a Negroni [blank]
  5. 14. Name of DOC located on biggest active volcano in Europe
  6. 15. The Gallo Nero, or black rooster, is the emblem of this DOCG (7,8)
  7. 16. This word once preceded 'Friulano', until it was dropped following a judgement of the European Court of Justice
  8. 17. Rugged stretch of Ligurian coastline famous for steep vineyards and its five villages (6,5)
  1. 1. The only Barolo producer based in the town of Alba (3,6)
  2. 2. Home of Lambrusco (6,7)
  3. 3. Cru in the town of Barbaresco known for producing structured, ageworthy Nebbiolos
  4. 5. A grape variety in Abruzzo and a town in Tuscany
  5. 6. The famous super-tuscan of Tenuta San Guido
  6. 9. This Puglian variety is black and bitter
  7. 11. The method of drying grapes used to produce Amarone
  8. 12. French synonym for Trebbiano (4,5)
  9. 13. Scavenging bird of prey and DOC for Aglianico
  10. 17. Rosé wine from Lake Garda