1. 3. This person cuts and sells meat in a shop.
  2. 4. This person paints walls, doors and some other parts of buildings as a job.
  3. 8. This person trains a person or a team of people in a particular sport.
  4. 10. This person writes books, stories or articles as a job.
  5. 11. This person works in a army and fights when there is a war.
  6. 13. This person is employed to clean the rooms and furniture inside a building.
  7. 14. This person creates content for websites.
  8. 16. This person collects and delivers letters and packages that are sent by post.
  9. 18. This person works in a shop selling things to customers.
  10. 21. This person is qualified in medicine and treats people who are ill.
  11. 22. This person works in a restaurant or a café, serving people with food and drink.
  12. 23. This person works in a garden, growing and taking care of plants.
  13. 25. This person makes or repairs houses and other buildings.
  14. 28. This person advises people about the law and represents them in court.
  15. 31. This person shows tourists around places such as museums or cities.
  16. 32. This person cuts, colours and arranges people’s hair.
  17. 33. This person repairs wooden objects and structures.
  18. 39. This person designs buildings or plans large construction projects.
  19. 41. This person takes care of sick or injured animals.
  20. 42. This person sings as a job.
  21. 43. This person is employed to do office work, such as typing letters, answering phone calls and arranging meetings.
  22. 47. This person designs clothes and accessories.
  1. 1. This person connects and repairs things such as water pipes, baths and toilets.
  2. 2. This person plays a musical instrument as a job.
  3. 4. This person is a member of the police force.
  4. 5. This person works in an office and does administrative tasks.
  5. 6. This person works in a court and decides how law should be applied.
  6. 7. This person manages a farm, works with animals or cultivates land.
  7. 9. This person examines and treats people’s teeth.
  8. 12. This person repairs the engines of vehicles and other machines.
  9. 13. This person produces programmes for computers.
  10. 15. This person puts out fires and rescues people in danger.
  11. 17. This person takes care of people who are ill and carries out doctors’ orders.
  12. 19. This person does research in science.
  13. 20. This person is trained for travelling in a spacecraft.
  14. 24. This person does a sport professionally, especially athletics, or track and field events.
  15. 26. This person dances as a job.
  16. 27. This person cuts men’s hair and beard.
  17. 29. This person is in charge of a library.
  18. 30. This person teaches at a school or similar institution.
  19. 31. This person drives
  20. 34. This person looks after the passengers and serves their meals on an aircraft.
  21. 35. This person makes and sells bread, pastries and cakes.
  22. 36. This person draws or paints pictures or creates sculptures as a job.
  23. 37. This person plays the part of a character in films or plays.
  24. 38. This person is trained to fly an aircraft.
  25. 40. This person prepares and cooks food, especially in a restaurant or in an institution.
  26. 44. This person takes photos as a job.
  27. 45. This person looks after a child or children while their parents are out.
  28. 46. This person installs and repairs electrical equipment.