Joseph and Pharaoh

  1. 2. He told Pharaoh about Joseph.
  2. 6. What Pharaoh put around Joseph's neck.
  3. 7. The grain Pharaoh dreamt about in his second dream.
  4. 8. The type of man Joseph told Pharaoh to set over the land of Egypt.
  5. 10. Who Joseph said would give Pharaoh an answer.
  6. 12. Where the well favoured kine and fatfleshed fed.
  7. 16. The number of stalks that came up in the second dream.
  8. 17. The number of well favoured kine and fatfleshed.
  9. 18. The name of Joseph's second son.
  10. 20. What Pharaoh wanted Joseph to do about his dream.
  11. 21. The direction the wind came from that blasted the seven ears.
  12. 23. How old Joseph was when he stood before Pharaoh the first time.
  13. 25. Joseph's wife's name.
  14. 26. What the corn was kept in.
  1. 1. What Joseph did to his face before he went to see Pharaoh.
  2. 3. What the thin kine and empty ears represented.
  3. 4. Who Pharaoh called for in the morning after his dream.
  4. 5. Where the ill favoured and lean-fleshed kine stood.
  5. 9. The interpretation of the seven kine.
  6. 11. The name Pharaoh gave Joseph.
  7. 13. There would be seven years of great plenty.
  8. 14. The name of Joseph's wife's father.
  9. 15. What the seven thin ears did to the seven rank and full ears.
  10. 19. What Pharaoh took off his hand and put on Joseph's hand.
  11. 22. What the amount of corn Joseph gathered was compared to.
  12. 24. What Joseph called his firstborn son.