Joseph Tempted

  1. 2. The country Joseph was taken to.
  2. 6. The land Joseph said he was stolen out of.
  3. 9. The people that sold Joseph to the officer of Pharaoh.
  4. 10. What Joseph found in his master's sight, that caused him to make him an overseer.
  5. 12. Who the Lord gave Joseph favor in the sight of.
  6. 16. What both of the two chief officers dreamed.
  7. 17. The type of plant the butler saw in his dream.
  8. 19. What Joseph's master made him over his house.
  9. 20. The officer of Pharaoh Joseph was sold to.
  10. 22. The title of the office of the chief officer who was restored.
  1. 1. What Joseph was because the Lord was with him.
  2. 3. The two chief officers who Pharaoh was wroth with.
  3. 4. The type of people Joseph was bound with.
  4. 5. What the three branches and baskets represented.
  5. 7. What the butler saw pressed into Pharaoh's cup.
  6. 8. Where Joseph said they put him into for doing nothing.
  7. 10. What she caught him by, and he left in her hand.
  8. 11. The color of the baskets on the chief baker's head.
  9. 13. The chief officer that was hanged.
  10. 14. What was in the baskets on the baker's head.
  11. 15. His master's ____ cast her eyes on Joseph.
  12. 18. The type of person Joseph was.
  13. 21. The place where Joseph's master put him.